Student Led Learning & Self Care with Theresa Hoover Ducassoux & Kathryn Finch

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Theresa Hoover Ducassoux & Kathryn Finch

Theresa Hoover Ducassoux
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Kathryn Finch
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Theresa Hoover Ducassoux & Kathryn Finch are two kind, empowering music educators who have teamed up to encourage other music educators to empower their students with voice & choice in the music room.
Theresa is a middle school band director in Northern Virginia who has taught instrumental, general, and vocal music in a variety of settings as well. She holds a Bachelors in music education from Penn State University and a Masters in wind conducting from West Chester University, both in Pennsylvania. Theresa is also a speaker & writer, a Google for Education Certified Trainer and was selected as a member of the Google Certified Innovator program in 2019.
Kathryn is a K-5 general music teacher in Northbrook, IL. She is certified in all 3 levels of Orff Schulwerk, a co-creator of the #BlairFinchProject, an Apple Teacher, and a contributing author to Activate! Magazine. Kathryn has a Bachelors in Music Education from Augustana College and a Masters in Education from VanderCook College of Music

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